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Foreclosure Sales

Date Time Location HOA Address Matter Bid* Status**
Date: 3/15/18 Time: 10:00 AM Location: American Fork Court HOA: Loch Lomond HOA Address: 2077 Hawthorne St, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045 Matter #: 1334-021 Bid: Status: cancelled
Date: 4/11/18 Time: 01:00 PM Location: Logan Court HOA: Blackhawk HOA Address: 1535 S Talon Drive Logan UT 84321 Matter #: 1017-064 Bid: Status:
Date: 4/27/18 Time: 11:00 AM Location: SLC Court HOA: Shadow Run Address: 14482 S Quiet Shade Drive Herriman UT 84096 Matter #: 2545-002 Bid: Status:

* Bid may not be provided until the day before or day of the sale.
** Sale status can change at any time. Check back to see if a sale has been postponed or cancelled.